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Asuku Baby Mat (Baby rush mat)

Floor Cushions/Rugs
The feel of a cool breeze on a hot and humid summer’s day while taking an afternoon nap on a tatami mat is a uniquely Japanese comfort. Soft rush grass used to make tatami mats is a perfectly pliable and soft plant that absorbs mustiness and odors due to sweat and cleans the air. The texture of the absolute highest quality Japanese soft rush is carefully preserved and woven for a wonderful feel.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Because babies sleep for long periods of time and sweat considerably, we want them to fully experience the most comfortable Japanese soft rush. Using only undyed soft rush, its natural texture is retained. The mats undergo Aomori Hiba Processing, which uses oil extracted from cypress leaves for an antibacterial effect, another reason for recommending this product. (Kengo Shibata)