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Amakoji Hishio Shio (Salt-marinated rice malt, salt flavor)

Koji, a rice malt made from fermented rice, was developed in Japan, where the staple food is rice, and has had a large impact on Japanese culinary culture. This shio koji is fermented with added salt, and kinako (sweet, roasted soybean flour) is added to make Amakoji Hishio Shio for a completely new and original shio koji. This is a healthy fermented food without any chemical flavoring. A completely new flavor is created by combining the natural sweetness and unique flavor of rice koji with kinako. Food containing this product has been presented at three-star French restaurants and events in Chinese hotels to great acclaim. Use it to add flavor to meat or fish dishes and the unique sweetness and flavor of the shio koji will penetrate the food for a uniquely Japanese cooking experience.