The Wonder 500


The Wonder 500™ 認定商品詳細


These gauze mufflers are created using a process based on the same manufacturing techniques used to craft Japan’s traditional imabari towel, creating a texture that is soft and fluffy against the skin. Gauze created from ultrafine fibers has been woven in multiple layers, creating a texture that feels as soft as a cloud against the skin. The base material used for the muffler is a hybrid of 45% high-specification acrylic and 55% cotton. This high-specification acrylic, built up from layer upon layer of special microfibers, is a fiber with excellent ventilation properties, including high water-absorption and quick-drying functions, creating a layer of air within the muffler that helps to regulate temperatures and moisture levels. The muffler also blocks 90% of UV rays, so it is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear in the heat of summer as well as in the cold of winter. It can be washed with the rest of the household laundry, making it easy to care for. A range of color variations has been developed by drawing upon the traditional five-color palette favored for Japanese kimono, resulting in a variety of shades that are easy to coordinate with the casual fashions of today.