The Wonder 500


The Wonder 500™ 認定商品詳細

ハーバルハーベスト(Have a Herval Harbest)

While these Herbal Harvest products appear at first glance to be works of art, these are in fact herbal tea leaves. Most herbal tea leaves do not retain their original shape because they are created by drying plants in large batches, causing them to shrink. With Herbal Harvest products, by contrast, twigs and leaves are dried in their original form so that their individual shapes are retained, creating beautiful products that could almost be taken for ikebana or pressed flowers. All Herbal Harvest tea leaves are organic, using seasonal herbs to suit each time of the year, resulting in teas that not only are beautiful to look at but also provide the most delicious flavors for the season that they are consumed in. The best-before dates on the package merely give a rough estimate of the period when the herbs make the most delicious tea; even if the best-before date is exceeded, users can add the herbs to their bathwater for a delightful herbal bath.