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Privacy Policy

REVAMP Corporation, which is the Wonder 500™Administrative Office (hereafter called the “Office”), recognizes the importance of the personal information it handles in the course of its business activities. Policies regarding privacy protection are in place and appropriate measures are followed.
Established May 14, 2015
REVAMP Corporation

Handling of Personal Information

The Office is provided with personal information from customers and related people (hereafter collectively called “customers”) through its business activities.
Regarding the handling of personal information by the Office, we publicly announce the following:

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

There are cases where we indirectly obtain personal information based on publicly announced purpose of use, customer’s consent, or legal/administrative ruling or guidance. In all such cases, we obtain personal information through appropriate and just methods.

2. Purposes for the use of personal information

We do not use the personal information of customers for any reasons other than the following:
(1) Selecting Wonder 500 products
(2) Introducing Wonder 500 products
(3) PR & marketing for the Wonder 500
(4) Business meetings for the Wonder 500
However, if requested by a customer, we will suspend such provision
(Items provided)
Name, date of birth, address, phone number and other contact information; information regarding claims, inquiries and transactions
(11) To address legislative provisions, administrative rulings/guidance, etc.
(12) For other purpose(s) of use specified by a customer in the course of acquiring personal information, or purposes of use consented to by a customer him/herself after information is obtained

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

Except in one of the following cases, we do not provide personal information to third parties.
(1) When the customer has so consented
(2) In the case of 2. (10) or 2.(11) above

4. Inquiries regarding personal information

When a customer wants to confirm or revise his/her personal information, we respond by disclosing it through submission in writing as per our stipulations. Please make inquiries to the contact below regarding the method of acquisition in writing stipulated by us.

5. Contact for inquiries

The Wonder 500™Administrative Office (REVAMP Corporation)
Kitaaoyama-Yoshikawa Bldg.3F, Kitaaoyama 2-12-16, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061, Japan
* In order to protect personal information, the content of “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information” may be revised in accordance with changes in laws, ordinances, and other standards, and changes in services or other aspects related to our business activities. In such cases, we will announce the content of the change(s) on our website.