The Wonder 500

A collection of Japan's finest goods, foods and travel experiences


  • 1. Inquiries for Press

    Inquiries for press, please contact us here.
  • 2. About Event

    About Event, please contact us here.
  • 3. About Using Photo Data and Story

    Text and picture data for the 500 regional products introduced in The Wonder 500™ are available for secondary use, with some special exceptions (free of charge). Those wishing to use them should contact the management office with their intended purpose and where they plan to use them.
    *When using picture data and text please agree to the “terms of use
    *Images not available for secondary use have ©(Owner’s Name) written beneath them, so please check before using
  • 4. About Using High Resolution Photo Data

    Low resolution image data is used on the website and for download materials. If high resolution data is needed for the creation of printed materials, please contact the management office.
  • 5. About Inquiry to Businesses

    Business operators recognized by The Wonder 500™ who wish to inquire about purchases or materials should use the inquiry form as communication difficulties can sometimes arise from direct inquiries. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 6. About Other Inquiries

    For inquiries other than those listed above, please contact us here.